3 – Proposed Solutions

We propose that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hold hearings on the establishment of a Universal Union (UniversalU)—and other world order strategies—designed to decentralize power and foster a capitalist peace that respects cultural coexistence and mutual prosperity. President Trump has already disavowed political and cultural imperialism. He must now codify the principles of nonintervention if he expects his legacy to survive after he leaves office. He will need the Senate’s advice and consent.

To decentralize power and regulate interventionism, a UniversalU would establish—

  1. a sound, universal monetary order (SUMO);
  2. a universal anti-ballistic missile defense system (UABMDS);
  3. a universal decentralized defense system (UDDS); and
  4. a Universal House of Consent (UHC).

1 – Sound Universal Monetary Order (SUMO)

A SUMO implies the creation of a world gold standard to facilitate international trade. Proponents of the Atlantic Union idea endorsed the concept of restoring the gold standard in the 1970s. Regional gold standards have been proposed for the African Union as well. More recently, Russian President Putin invited the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) to explore the concept to challenge the dominance of the U.S. dollar. Within the United States, the concept of returning to the gold standard has been advanced by Ron Paul and the Mises Institute.

A sound, universal monetary order would prevent nations from using fiat currency as an instrument of foreign economic policy. If you recall, this practice was scrutinized by the NATO PA in 2010. World trade demands a sound currency that ruling class factions cannot manipulate for their own benefit. A gold standard can unite the world, decentralize monetary power, and inspire a capitalist peace that respects cultural coexistence and mutual prosperity.

We call on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to explore the strengths and weaknesses of adopting a sound, universal monetary order as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund. Whereas national and regional gold standards may be compromised, a universal application could usher in a new era of monetary stability to facilitate world trade. The NATO PA conceded that monetary instability is major threat to Western civilization. It is time to explore an alternative to the remnants of Bretton Woods.

2 – Universal Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense System (UABMDS)

While President Putin suggested in 2017 that we work toward the elimination of nuclear weapons, I propose that we seek to reduce our reliance on them instead. Mutually-assured destruction (MAD) is a major deterrent to world war. Eliminating all nuclear weapons would exponentially increase the probability of conventional war unless all nations pursued general and complete disarmament under an omnipotent world state. This is not an option. We must revitalize and internationalize President Reagan’s strategic defense initiative.

A UABMDS must be developed and deployed to reduce threats from rogue nations before discussions of nuclear disarmament can resume. In November of 1967, Dr. Edward Teller, a pioneer of the hydrogen bomb and a proponent of Atlantic Union idea, proposed the development of a transatlantic ABM system. President Reagan took his idea to space. President George H. W. Bush and Russian President Boris Yeltsin pursued a joint ABM initiative in the 1990s until President Clinton disbanded the project and rekindled the Cold War.

I call on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to explore the idea of a universal anti-ballistic missile defense system developed and deployed jointly with other NATO nations and the Russian Federation. There already is a precedent for a joint NATO-Russia ABM initiative. Such a system must be developed and deployed before nuclear weapon stockpiles can be strategically and safely reduced.

3 – Universal Decentralized Defense System (UDDS) 

Standing armies push nations toward the edge of war and economic ruin. In 1787, America’s Founding Fathers opted for a militia-based system augmented by a right to bear arms as an alternative to a standing army. After the United Stated pursued free trade imperialism in the 20th century, internationalists convinced Americans to place their faith in standing armies. It ultimately led to democratic war.

It is time for the world to decentralize their armies. I propose that all nations agree to reform their defense posture. Only twenty-five percent of a nation’s military roster should serve on active duty. All nations would agree to make said forces available to the United Nations Security Council in accordance with Article 43 of the Charter.

The remaining forces would serve in a reserve, or individual ready reserve (IRR), capacity. The size of national reserve forces would significantly increase. All eligible citizens would be required to complete basic military training in high school and serve in the IRR. Martial readiness at the local level will deter foreign aggression and domestic tyranny.

We call on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to explore the concept of a universal decentralized defense system (UDDS). Under such as defense posture, national defense would be focused on defense, not foreign intervention and aggression. A UDDS would have a social benefit as well. It would give the youth of the world a new sense of national and international purpose as well as provide on-the-job training opportunities.

4 – Universal House of Consent (UHC)

The House of Consent would be a representational body with advice and consent powers under the World Trade Organization (WTO). It would operate like the NATO Parliamentary Assembly but under the auspices of the WTO. Nationally-nominated legislators would meet to oversee trade policies and recommend new ones. They would not have the power to legislate, but they would have the power to block trade policies using an agreed upon voting process.

The overall goal of the House of Consent would be to increase the standard of living and purchasing power in the developing world by increasing competition. It would encourage free market solutions to labor and environmental problems as an alternative to command and control doctrines. It would usher in a new era of globalization with representation, checks, and balances. No longer would the globalist faction hold a monopoly on economic power.

We call on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to explore the concept of a Universal House of Consent under the auspices of the WTO. James Madison made it clear in Federalist Number 10 that the effect of faction must be controlled. A UHC is necessary to control the effect of the globalist faction that has transcended the nation-state system. It represents a compromise between federalists and anti-federalists seeking to reign in the globalist faction that perpetuates substandard labor and environmental regulations in the developing world.

It is Time for the Senate to Explore a Post-Trump World Order

President Trump is in a unique position to inspire a 21st century standard of living for the American people. National leaders around the world could do the same for their respective citizens under a UniversalU. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already signaled his willingness to establish an international gold standard and a multipolar world order. It is time for Trump to make America greater than before by making the world better than ever.

A UniversalU could be achieved using the treatymaking power. It would not conflict with the Constitution of the United States. It would not undermine national independence. Furthermore, a UniversalU would not require radical changes to the United Nations Security Council or the World Trade Organization. It would simply usher in an era of accountability. World order must work for the individual—not the nation-state.

We call on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to hold hearing around the country to explore a post-Trump world order. The committee should consider ideas such as UniversalU and others. The Senate must be prepared to advise and consent after President Trump is re-elected in 2020. In the unlikely event Trump does not secure a second term, the American people must be prepared for radical changes to the structure of the international system based on progressive, socialist ideology. It is imperative that conservatives act sooner rather than later.

Putin is Ready to Negotiate

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