Draft World Order Study Resolution

Whereas the enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU) without the inclusion of the Russian Federation has rekindled Cold War tensions;

Whereas the resurrection of Cold War tensions has increased the prospect of proxy wars fueled by geopolitical rivalry; 

Whereas the pursuit of a democratic peace in the greater Middle East has triggered ongoing civil unrest and a humanitarian crisis in the region as well as an immigration crisis in Europe;

Whereas the exit of Great Britain from the European Union presents an unpredictable and potentially volatile shift in transatlantic relations;

Whereas globalization without representation, checks, and balances has decimated manufacturing sectors in the developed world and impoverished the working class in inner-cities, urban, and rural areas;

Whereas free trade has failed to significantly improve labor and environmental conditions in the developing world;

Whereas free trade has encouraged the establishment of oligarchies around the world that resist international solutions to national problems fueled by inadequate international organization and law;

Whereas the widening of the regulatory gap between the developed and developing world encourages offshoring and outsourcing of American jobs;

Whereas the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China are actively seeking to establish a new international economic order based on multi-polarity;

Whereas nations throughout the world lack the financial capacity to respond to another great depression or labor displacement caused by advances in artificial intelligence;

Whereas increasing individual and corporate income taxes cannot mitigate unsustainable deficit spending and crippling national debts;

Whereas populist nationalism threatens political and economic freedom because it relies on controlling the causes of faction rather than its effects; and

Whereas 20th century international organizations and agreements, such as the United Nations, Bretton Woods (IMF/World Bank), and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (WTO), have never operated as originally intended and fail to live up to expectations;

Now, Therefore, be it resolved by the United States Senate;

That the Committee on Foreign Relations, or a subcommittee thereof, to consist of six members chosen equally from both parties by the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee who shall be one of the said members and shall serve as chairman of such subcommittee, in conjunction with two other Senators, not members of the Committee on Foreign Relations and not of the same political party designated by the President of the Senate, is hereby empowered and directed to make a full and complete study of proposals submitted by non-government organizations representing various political ideologies to amend, revise, or otherwise modify or change existing international peace, security, monetary, and trade organizations and agreements, for the purpose of guiding the Senate in the fulfillment of its responsibility, under the second paragraph of section 2 of article II of the Constitution, to advise the President with respect to the foreign policy of the United States.


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